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  1. Agra StarGames policy describes the way for the player in such a way that game deals with the information and data you provide us to manage your relationship with Agra star Game.

  2. We can process with any personal information provided to us (no matter via the Agra Star Game website otherwise held by us relating to you in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. At the time you will submit your information or data to us for the use of your personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the terms and conditions then please do not share your personal details to us.

  3. Collected Information how it is to be used?

  4. To understand the game's privacy and policy please go through below information.

    1. You can submit all your required information just by filling the form and can send us email.

    2. correspondence Records, whether via the Website, email, telephone or other means.

    3. you can go through with us all the details of the transactions, through the Website, mobile or other means.

    4. Each and every detail of your visitors to the Website including, but not limited to, traffic data and other communication data.

  5. We may use your personal information and data together with other information For the purposes of.

    1. Setting up the account, operating and managing your account.

    2. Provides the information with you about promotional offers and our products and services, where you have consented.

    3. Keep Monitoring transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud and cheating so that account should be secure.

  6. Use Of Cookies.

    1. We can use cookies as a means of collecting information from a web for the above purposes following a customer's use of the Website. If you register our website and willing to continue and be in touch with us then or to use our website then you have agree to our cookies.

    2. Cookies include information that is submitted to your computer's hard drive. They will surely help us to improve the Website and to deliver a better, fast and efficient and more personalized service. Some of the cookies we use are essential for the Website to operate in a secure way.

    3. You can remove any cookies which are already stored in your desktop. For more information about how can be done this refer this site-


  1. By Visiting this website will be at your own risk so go and have fun. The information which is shown on website is sponsored also we warn you about Agra Star Games in your country may be banned or illegal. We will not be responsible for any issues or scam. we respect every countries rules/laws. If you feel somewhere disagree with our privacy page then please do not refer this site strictly.

  2. Changes to our Privacy Statement

  3. If any changes we shall make to our Privacy Policy in the future will be notified or posted on this page or website only and any such changes will become effective upon posting of the revised Privacy Policy. If we make any drastic changes to this Privacy Policy we will use reasonable endeavours to make you inform you by email.

  4. Easy to play.

  5. Agra Star Game bazaar is very amazing and is played ample of time now onwards. The rules and regulation of the game are such that anyone can easily understand with no harm and will face no other obstacles in between.

  6. A game of Calculated Risks

  7. Online Agra Star Game bazaar is entirely based on an ideology and certain logic which is based on calculations. To be a Agra Star Game king all you need to do is to largely understand simple tricks and tips. Once you are done with it you can be a king of Agra Star Game in fraction of seconds.